Friday, April 3, 2009

Safeway April 3 trip

This would have been $119.49 w/ no card savings or coupons!!!!
Paid- $34.43, $42.29 card savings, $41.76 in coupons saved- 73%

~Rain check for blueberries for $.88 each, would be $4.99 full price each
~3 Soft Soaps free w/ coupon ($.50 off each)
~3 for $.30 each w/ coupon ($.35 off each)
Brighton Safeway doubles coupons!
~Hefty bags-used Super coupon and $1 off coupon -$4.49 final price
~frozen meats were free!! This may be confusing- The chicken was BOGO free, I used 2- $1 off each coupons, fish was on sale for $4- used $.50 off coupon (doubled), finally I used a $10 off frozen food coupon from March.
Oh, and I finally remembered to bring in my own bags- they will do a $.05 credit per bag on the receipt.

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