Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Walgreen's deals

This was sent to me by my friend Liesel.  I thought I would give it to you in her words.  Also, you can pick up a book that is full of rebate deals, some of them free after rebate; if you chose to get your rebate back in the form of a Walgreen's card, they give you $5 already on the card.  Walgreen's can have some good deals, I just usually forget to take a look- good job Liesel!!!  Please send me  things that I missed or feel free to comment on your good finds.  I have said before I will not find every good deal, so I need your eyes too everyone.  
Thanks, April

April:  You probably already know this...but I just figured it out today so I figured I'd pass it on.  Did you know the Walgreen's coupons will combine with manufacturer's coupons?  I just spend 52 cents and got 2 reynold's wrap aluminum foil, 2 big boxes of kleenex, and 4 boxes of Jell-O.  :-)"

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