Saturday, March 14, 2009

Albertson's Peanut butter Sale

I know more than Peanut Butter is on sale there, but that is what I am after. Skippy PB is $1- limit 2. Cheez-its are $1 limit 2, and the Wishbone dressings, fresh express salad are also $1 each limit 2. There are some other good $1 deals- check it out- front page of ad, along with the cereal sale. Certain General Mills cereals are buy 4 get $4 back at register; limit 2 per transaction. The coupons that go well with this deal are $.75 off one Cinnamon Chex, $ .50 off one Fiber One toaster pastry, $1.00 off 2 fruit stackers (Betty Crocker), and $1.00 off 3 general mills coupons. Nothing is free, and they are not doubling, but if you were buying them anyway- good deal! They will be $1.50 each before the coupons, so it depends on what you use.
Sale until March 17

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