Saturday, January 31, 2009

Safeway Rainchecks

Lucas went to Safeway last night (thank you!!!), and was able to stock up on Cambells soups.  The chunky are $.99 for the first 10 cans.  There are coupons that make them either $.50 or $.75 each depending on the coupon.  The checker pointed out that only the first 10 were $.99 each, so she checked him out several times.  The $.88 blueberries were all gone, SO REMEMBER TO GET YOUR RAINCHECK!!!  The blackberries were still there last night for the same price; we shall see how long they last.  If you really want blueberries today, try taking in the add to Wal-mart and ask for a price match. I have not done this myself, but they do price match.  
Ritz, Tricuits, and Wheat Thins are also on sale at Safeway for $1.69- if you have your coupon you can get them for $.69 per box, but be careful the Ritz crackers are $2.50 a box but the Ritz Crisps are the cheaper.  If you want Ritz crakers for the cheapest go to Albertsons with your coupon.  They have a buy 10 get $5 back sale, which would make them $1 a box w/cp -$2 without.

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