Thursday, January 22, 2009

King Soopers trip

I have just returned from a trip to King glad I had my coupons ready to go!!!!  This was actually a last minute- "honey I need to bring breakfast for everyone tomorrow", trip.  So my savings was not as high as I could have done, but isn't part of the point of this to save on what you can so the last minute stuff doesn't hurt so much.  
  Ok, the stats; I spent $61.96, and saved 59%.   $32.60 in coupons, $5.75 in what they doubled and $47.26 with sooper card.  Total savings was $85.61!!  I spent $17 on cinnamon rolls, but the strawberries were bogo free, so that wasn't so bad.
  Things I noticed- I always change what I get when I am in the store.  The Green Giant Steamers are out- hopefully will be restocked soon but I grabbed a raincheck anyway :)  the cheese ended up being a better deal because I found coupons!!!!  That little machine by the cheese was spitting out $.75 off 1 package of the cheese on sale, and I took 10.  When I checked out the checker tried to tell me I could only use 3, but I told her I saw no signs posted about that, and yes I looked.  She said this morning someone else had tried it and the manager had said there was a limit, but I nicely asked her to check with the manager there.  She came up and after the checker told her the situation and then I added my 2 cents. She just looked at her and told her to give it to me, and said she was there to please me.  I was so glad I asked for her!!!!  The lady behind me had her coupons too so she was paying close attention.  So, what that means is I picked up 10 bags of cheese for $.74 a piece instead of $3.99 a piece.  I think that made up for buying cinnamon rolls at full price.  Good luck- let me know how you did.

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