Saturday, January 31, 2009

Albertson's on Saturday

I STOCKED UP at Albertson's this morning.  The Hershey's kisses w/cp were $.50 a bag and Valentine's day is around the corner. I am stocked up for gifts now.  The Mac n cheese and Tombstone pizza deal is unlimited, just REMEMBER TO TAKE THE COUPON OFF THE SIDE OF THE MAC N CHEESE FOR THE PIZZA.  I was disappointed  to see that the Wholly Guacamole boxes are 1/2 sizes, but it is still a good deal w/cp since that means $1 off each box (I payed $1.50 per box)  These can be frozen and saved for when chips are on sale!! :)  The Hilshire Farms sausages with the $.35 off coupon are $1.50 each- remember that they are quadrupling coupons up to $1 thru Tuesday!!!
My Chex Mix snacks were free that way- just DO NOT pick up the clearance flavors- they are not 10/$10.  Also, online you can get coupons for Tabasco sauce and they are free, and Laury's marinade, w/cp are also $1.  On there buy 10 save $5 with coupons you can get Kraft dressings, A-1, Kraft Mayo, Ritz, Wheat thins, Triscuits and Honey Bunches of Oats for $1 each as long as you have your coupons. ($2 each otherwise).  Just count you items, you must have exactly 10 or 20 per transaction to get the money back.
Somehow I also have a coupon for $3 off my next purchase-I missed what I bought that earned that for me, maybe just how much I spent.
Oh, and the Pork spare ribs are buy 1 get 2 free, which makes it $1.33 per pound!!!  Grapes are also only $.97 lb, and look like a good color and size.  I picked up quite a bit of produce that was $1 per pound or less.  Fresh stuff is great!!!!  Have fun shopping!!!

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