Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Albertson's is the place this week!!!

I don't even know where to begin...I don't think I have found all of the best deals, so please read the add, or just shop there this week, I don't think you can go wrong whatever you are buying.  Their produce is good this week, and there is a lot of meats on sale- packages and fresh stuff.  Grapes are $.97 lb!!  They are having a buy 10 items get $5 back up to 2 times per transaction.  If you have your coupons Wheat Thins, Triscuits and Ritz are $1 each.. same for Kraft dressings, and Kraft Mayo...just found another one- Honey Bunches of O's.  If you don't have the coupons they are about $2 each which is still good.  Chex Mix snack bags are free with coupon,  Laury Marinades are $1 w/cp,  Lit'l Smokies, Sausages, Ball Park Hot dogs are all on sale w/cps, ....
In store coupons, buy 1 Tombstone and 1 5-pack Mac N Cheese for $2.50!!  Hebrew National Hot dogs buy 1 get 2 free- it makes them 3 for $5.99...I don't know if it is the BEST hotdog deal, but if you like only certain brands....(can do 2x).  Hormel Chili, Rotel tomatoes, if the Hershey's Kisses dark are included in the sale, they are $.50 a bag!!  I will have to see when I go.  
If you are having any kind of superbowl meals planned, they have it on sale this week.  
I know there are more great deals there this week; please post any deals that you saw that I missed because I do not have my eagle eyes tonight.  Good luck!!!

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Piccolina Designs said...

King Soopers has strawberries for $.99 and kiwi 4/$1 both can be dehydrated well for food storage snacks and the strawberries freeze well.