Saturday, January 31, 2009

Albertson's on Saturday

I STOCKED UP at Albertson's this morning.  The Hershey's kisses w/cp were $.50 a bag and Valentine's day is around the corner. I am stocked up for gifts now.  The Mac n cheese and Tombstone pizza deal is unlimited, just REMEMBER TO TAKE THE COUPON OFF THE SIDE OF THE MAC N CHEESE FOR THE PIZZA.  I was disappointed  to see that the Wholly Guacamole boxes are 1/2 sizes, but it is still a good deal w/cp since that means $1 off each box (I payed $1.50 per box)  These can be frozen and saved for when chips are on sale!! :)  The Hilshire Farms sausages with the $.35 off coupon are $1.50 each- remember that they are quadrupling coupons up to $1 thru Tuesday!!!
My Chex Mix snacks were free that way- just DO NOT pick up the clearance flavors- they are not 10/$10.  Also, online you can get coupons for Tabasco sauce and they are free, and Laury's marinade, w/cp are also $1.  On there buy 10 save $5 with coupons you can get Kraft dressings, A-1, Kraft Mayo, Ritz, Wheat thins, Triscuits and Honey Bunches of Oats for $1 each as long as you have your coupons. ($2 each otherwise).  Just count you items, you must have exactly 10 or 20 per transaction to get the money back.
Somehow I also have a coupon for $3 off my next purchase-I missed what I bought that earned that for me, maybe just how much I spent.
Oh, and the Pork spare ribs are buy 1 get 2 free, which makes it $1.33 per pound!!!  Grapes are also only $.97 lb, and look like a good color and size.  I picked up quite a bit of produce that was $1 per pound or less.  Fresh stuff is great!!!!  Have fun shopping!!!

Safeway Rainchecks

Lucas went to Safeway last night (thank you!!!), and was able to stock up on Cambells soups.  The chunky are $.99 for the first 10 cans.  There are coupons that make them either $.50 or $.75 each depending on the coupon.  The checker pointed out that only the first 10 were $.99 each, so she checked him out several times.  The $.88 blueberries were all gone, SO REMEMBER TO GET YOUR RAINCHECK!!!  The blackberries were still there last night for the same price; we shall see how long they last.  If you really want blueberries today, try taking in the add to Wal-mart and ask for a price match. I have not done this myself, but they do price match.  
Ritz, Tricuits, and Wheat Thins are also on sale at Safeway for $1.69- if you have your coupon you can get them for $.69 per box, but be careful the Ritz crackers are $2.50 a box but the Ritz Crisps are the cheaper.  If you want Ritz crakers for the cheapest go to Albertsons with your coupon.  They have a buy 10 get $5 back sale, which would make them $1 a box w/cp -$2 without.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Albertson's is the place this week!!!

I don't even know where to begin...I don't think I have found all of the best deals, so please read the add, or just shop there this week, I don't think you can go wrong whatever you are buying.  Their produce is good this week, and there is a lot of meats on sale- packages and fresh stuff.  Grapes are $.97 lb!!  They are having a buy 10 items get $5 back up to 2 times per transaction.  If you have your coupons Wheat Thins, Triscuits and Ritz are $1 each.. same for Kraft dressings, and Kraft Mayo...just found another one- Honey Bunches of O's.  If you don't have the coupons they are about $2 each which is still good.  Chex Mix snack bags are free with coupon,  Laury Marinades are $1 w/cp,  Lit'l Smokies, Sausages, Ball Park Hot dogs are all on sale w/cps, ....
In store coupons, buy 1 Tombstone and 1 5-pack Mac N Cheese for $2.50!!  Hebrew National Hot dogs buy 1 get 2 free- it makes them 3 for $5.99...I don't know if it is the BEST hotdog deal, but if you like only certain brands....(can do 2x).  Hormel Chili, Rotel tomatoes, if the Hershey's Kisses dark are included in the sale, they are $.50 a bag!!  I will have to see when I go.  
If you are having any kind of superbowl meals planned, they have it on sale this week.  
I know there are more great deals there this week; please post any deals that you saw that I missed because I do not have my eagle eyes tonight.  Good luck!!!

Great Price for Cheese

I received the King Soopers and Albertsons adds that start tomorrow, and it looks like the Mega Sale at King Soopers will continue but not on all items.  I noticed that the cheese is off; it is now $1.99 per package, which is still good, but if you go TONIGHT, you will pay less.  The Kroger cheese is $1.50 a package starting tomorrow.  I will blog more about Albertsons, which looks GREAT, later.  Life is happening here now.
FYI--Safeway has Butchers cut beef hot dogs 1.49 a package, they are out right now but will give you a rain check if you ask.

Coupons are tricky. Sometimes you may feel like using them will take more time. You may feel that others in the store are watching you use them or are annoyed by you taking more time to use your coupons. So what, they are watching you and that is okay. That is not to say that they are judging, oftentimes they are impressed that you are willing to use the coupons. And if they are annoyed or judgemental then who cares. The important thing is you are doing something to help your family. So stick to it and use those coupons.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Safeway this week

A couple of other things I noticed in the Safeway ad this week
salad--10 for 10
Hamburger helper will be 0.99 on Saturday--great for date night when kids or babysitter are cooking, also usually has a coupon for 1 off 3 boxes so that would make them about 0.66.
If you are looking for Super bowl goodies Safeway is doing a special if you buy three bags of doritos you get a 12 pack of a pepsi product for free with that. Watch on Sunday for some good snack food coupons specifically geared towards the "big game". That has been the trend in past years.
The cheese at King Soopers is an excellent deal and remember you can freeze shredded cheese. I will let you know how I do when I go this week.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

King Soopers trip

I have just returned from a trip to King glad I had my coupons ready to go!!!!  This was actually a last minute- "honey I need to bring breakfast for everyone tomorrow", trip.  So my savings was not as high as I could have done, but isn't part of the point of this to save on what you can so the last minute stuff doesn't hurt so much.  
  Ok, the stats; I spent $61.96, and saved 59%.   $32.60 in coupons, $5.75 in what they doubled and $47.26 with sooper card.  Total savings was $85.61!!  I spent $17 on cinnamon rolls, but the strawberries were bogo free, so that wasn't so bad.
  Things I noticed- I always change what I get when I am in the store.  The Green Giant Steamers are out- hopefully will be restocked soon but I grabbed a raincheck anyway :)  the cheese ended up being a better deal because I found coupons!!!!  That little machine by the cheese was spitting out $.75 off 1 package of the cheese on sale, and I took 10.  When I checked out the checker tried to tell me I could only use 3, but I told her I saw no signs posted about that, and yes I looked.  She said this morning someone else had tried it and the manager had said there was a limit, but I nicely asked her to check with the manager there.  She came up and after the checker told her the situation and then I added my 2 cents. She just looked at her and told her to give it to me, and said she was there to please me.  I was so glad I asked for her!!!!  The lady behind me had her coupons too so she was paying close attention.  So, what that means is I picked up 10 bags of cheese for $.74 a piece instead of $3.99 a piece.  I think that made up for buying cinnamon rolls at full price.  Good luck- let me know how you did.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here is what I found by looking at this week's adds-  Albertsons is doubling, tripling and quadrupling coupons!!!!  It is up to $1.00 and will end 2/3/09.  they have a few good prices, but not enough that I will be heading there this week.  I have found better prices at Safeway and King Soopers for what is on my list.
King Soopers is having their -buy 10 of selected items and get $5.00 back at register.  This is upto 3 times per transaction.  Some deals are good without coupons and some are GREAT with the coupons.  Here is what is on my list: 
 Tyson Bagged chicken-$3.49 w/cp
Tyson boxed chicken   $3.49 w/cp
Franks red hot sauce   $.49 w/cp
Green giant steamers $$.09 w/cp
Kleenex lotion(if it's part of the sale) $.29 w/cp
Redenbacher's natural popcorn $.89 w/cp
Tropicana juice $1.75 w/cp
Kraft Mayo $1.49 w/cp

Other things that I don't have coupons for that are in this sale
Kraft cheese
Tombstone pizza
Miracle Whip

Safeway's deals
only this weekend- shop on Saturday
bananas $.48 lb
Frozen boneless skinless chicken in 4lb bag $1.69 lb
Chef Boyardee  $.54 w/cp
Hunts tomatoes $.37 w/cp

Hope this helps!!

the start of a blog

I have never blogged before.. I am not even that computer literate, but I was really thinking about starting this when I came home from teaching a coupon class at church.  there were many there that could have taught it, and still have much to share.  My thought of this blog is to have a way for us to help each other with getting the most stretch for our grocery buck.  I have high hopes this year of changing my $$$$ profile, and this is one way I know could help.  I see a place for us to share deals, meal ideas on what we will all be buying that week, and just getting support from each other.  Please share- I cannot manage this myself.  Cannot wait to see what this turns into!!!